My Story

Adriana Romano

A Story to Be Told

Welcome readers! My name is Adriana Romano and I am a freelance writer currently living in Texas. I have two adorable girls, Stacey and Lila, who are twins, and I use most of my free time (after being excused from my mommy duties) either writing or watching true crime documentaries.

Ever since childhood, I have been obsessed with the idea of writing a novel. And being an avid reader, it felt like the most natural thing to do. However, circumstances meant that I could never really find the time or discipline to actually sit down and write a book that I felt confident enough to publish.

And that is how I discovered blogging. I found that, with my busy schedule, not only was it easier to write short articles, but it also provided a sense of fulfilment for me to be able to put out informative articles on subjects that I found interesting. Those topics being lifestyle, real estate, finance and automotives, in general. That being said, I hope you stick around and enjoy exploring this website that I have created for you!