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Exterior Car Care Tips

Your car can be a lot like your body, it needs some form of preventive care. Caring for your car’s exterior can help protect it from all sorts of exterior damage. Read on for car care tips and some practical ways to care for your car’s exterior.

Here Are Some Ways To Keep Your Car Exterior Looking Good:

Have your car washed on a regular basis.

Your car needs more than just an oil change. Regular washing and waxing of your vehicle will keep your car shiny and in top shape. Washing your car regularly helps keep it clean and reduces contamination from road grime. Wash your car with cool water using a mild soap. Use a clean towel to dry your car. Do not use any chemicals on your painted surfaces.

Use cleaning materials that are designed for cars only.

Your car’s exterior is the first thing people see when they look at your vehicle. It’s tempting to wash and wax it, but car care requires a bit more effort. Keep your car looking its absolute best by using car care products specifically designed for cars versus household products on your car’s exterior.

Spot check and clean between washes.

Regularly washing your car will keep it looking shiny and reduce the likelihood of any dirt or debris getting under the paint and creating imperfections.

Wax your car regularly.

Waxing your car regularly will help protect it from the elements, and keep your car looking better for longer. Car waxing is the act of applying wax over the entire body of your car. Waxes can come in any shape, size, color, and texture, so use a wax designed for your vehicle.

Get an annual detail.

Exterior detail is a great way to protect your car’s paint and upholstery. A proper exterior detail includes cleaning the paint, windows, wheels, plastic trim, and tires. Sometimes this can also include polishing and application of coatings (which, by the way, can be done by professionals at Odin Car Detailing – acclaimed to be one of the most reputed providers of ceramic coatings Red Deer).

Anyway, it typically takes two to three hours at an auto detail shop. However, the duration also depends on how many car areas the owner wants attended to. In case, you don’t have time to wait, you can appoint one of the best mobile detailing service providers. They can come to your place with all their tools and equipment to provide your car with what it needs, saving you a lot of time.

Keep the car covered when not in use.

Keeping a car covered when not in use will help protect it from damage, such as fading, cracking, and rust. Your car is an investment, so you want to keep it protected. One of the best ways to do that is to ensure the car is covered and protected from all the elements: sun, rain, snow, wind, and whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Protecting your car from the elements helps avoid scratches and dents, so your car stays looking new for longer. Make sure to keep your car inside the garage when not in use. That said, if you have an open garage, it might be advisable to install a good garage door. This prevents dust and rain splashes to harm your car’s exterior. In that regard, you can get in touch with the best garage door company near Lansdale (if that’s where you reside), or in your location that can install a sturdy garage door that can protect your car from dust and sunlight.

Importance Of Exterior Car Care

Your car is one investment that you don’t want to neglect. Regular exterior car care not only improves the look of your vehicle but also keeps your car in top condition. Cars need regular exterior car care to take better care of them. Regular inspection by a professional car care specialist will uncover areas of concern before they become serious issues. Regular interior and exterior car care should be carried out at least twice a year.

In the past few years, the automotive world has increasingly turned to the use of composite prepregs, plastic, and carbon fiber to save weight and increase fuel economy. To keep these lightweight materials looking and performing their best, car enthusiasts and professionals are turning to exterior car care such as waxing, polishing, and washing.

So, to treat your car’s exterior, wash it regularly and wax it. Make it a habit to wash your car during every rinse and dry. Use cleaning agents that are specifically made for cars. Use clean water while washing your car. Clean the tires, glass, and windows. Clean the floor mats and the trunk.