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6 Best Graduation Gifts for Your Child

Graduation is an exciting time for any student. It’s the moment when they finish their high school education, get accepted to college, and officially transition into an adult. While it’s still a little early to start buying graduation gifts, it’s never too early to start planning. There are plenty of celebratory ideas to personalize, such as personalized graduation announcements, graduation mementos, and photo graduation cards. We’ll even throw in a few graduation gift ideas for your kids.

Graduation is a major milestone in your child’s life, worthy of celebration, and a graduation gift worthy of your child’s accomplishments. But remember that your child’s graduation is a time to show your kid that you care about them and that you remember what’s important. If you’re at a loss as to what type of gift to give, consider the following ideas as they pertain to graduation and kids of all ages.

Coding Kit

Coding is the art of writing instructions that a computer follows to perform a task. Such a simple concept, but for some people, it may be very difficult to learn. Thankfully, many resources are available to help people learn to code or at least get an overview of coding concepts. 

The Coding Kit is a supplemental coding text designed to supplement the informational text within the Core Curriculum. Like the other texts within the curriculum, this text is broken up into three units of 12 lessons each that cover discrete coding concepts. The Coding Kit is broken into three units of 12 lessons each covering discrete coding concepts. Each unit of lessons includes coding activities and worksheets that students complete to code characters, images, and sounds. Throughout the curriculum, students learn how to code using Scratch, a coding curriculum developed by MIT.

Personalized Chess Set

Personalized chess sets are a fun and unique way to enjoy one of the best board games ever invented. These beautiful chess sets are more than just great decorative pieces for your home or office; they make wonderful gifts for chess lovers of all ages.

Gravity Maze Puzzle Game

The Gravity Maze puzzle game is a fun, addictive, and new game from the creators of the popular Zuma game. Gravity Maze is a virtual puzzle game in which players must guide a ball down a series of mazes to complete each level. Your goal is to navigate the ball through the maze, avoid obstacles, and collect power-ups, but beware of the gravity!

Sherlock Holmes Detective Tool Kit

Many of us grew up watching Sherlock Holmes on television, and we’ve always wondered what he would use to solve a case. The truth is, Sherlock Holmes was a very clever detective, but he went to great lengths to keep all his tools in one place. He was a hoarder at heart, and it’s said that he would have everything neatly tucked away so he wouldn’t be forced to use a sub-par tool or piece of information to solve a case.

Arts & Crafts Library

The Arts and Craft Library is a collection full of art, crafts, music, and literature for your group or your family. The collection includes several games, crafts, and puzzles to encourage group discussion, as well as books to inspire readers of all ages. This Library page only includes books that are currently checked out. The “Browse My Library” tab can also access other libraries. 

Personalized Piggy Bank

Personalized piggy banks make great gifts for kids of all ages, from toddlers to pre-teens and teens. You can personalize the piggy bank with a child’s name or choose an animal piggy bank. (Animal piggy banks are always a favorite with kids.) There are even personalized piggy banks with pictures of famous animals, like tigers and lions, or other animals, like cats and bears, which make great gifts for boys or girls who love animals. 

Finding the right gift for children can be a difficult task. It can be a struggle to find a gift that will not only be appreciated but also help to develop your child. No matter what budget you are working with, there are plenty of options to consider. From toys to outdoor equipment, there are plenty of options from a range of brands.

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